a procedure, technique, or way of doing something, especially in accordance with a definite plan

METODA (method) is research imbued with creative processes of experimentation and development of innovative concepts in creating a collection of furniture of high level of design and refinement that defines lifestyle and accompanies us in all phases of life’s activities.

Slavonian oak forests are a source of solid and durable material that inspires the work of a team composed of agroup of profiled designers and design teams, with clearly defined manuscripts, strong creative potential, open to innovation, with strong individuality. Each of them is looking for their own method, a design that, while respecting the tradition of the past and sustainability in the future, will create a product that reflects and supports current needs.

The neutral basic tone of the collection is like a canvas that offers the end user experiential variations, from rational to irrational, from simple and neutral to vibrant and intriguingly striking.

The rational expression of the collection emphasizes the aesthetics of natural materials, colors and patterns drawn over time, the lines of growth. The original visual quality of the raw material - wood - is unobtrusive, neutral, leaving room to emphasize the beauty of design.

Irrational expression uses the fine finish of the basic collection as an inspiration and as potential for improvement, as well as your own creation on a quality basis. Interventions in color open up new visual variations and point to the thoughtful quality of the conceived form, to the universality and power of beauty of the initial given design.

Parallel collections are being created, completely adapted to the specific space and user profile. The original idea remains dominant: a quality background open to new interpretations retains the standard in all colors, tones and variations.