by thinkobjects

The roundness of the forms dominates in the design and is associated with the original origin of the material, with organic forms from nature interpreted in refined forms, in variations of circles. Wrapping the load-bearing structure with a soft material creates a functional concave membrane, like a shell, divided and then joined, separating the space offering privacy, at the same time connecting it with a fine shift in symmetry. Arranged organic aesthetics are emphasized by intense colour.

“This whole concept actually offers a lot of associations, from natural ones - flowers, shells, butterflies, to abstract concepts like love. The dominant idea of the whole series is merging two halves to form a perfect whole. The basic idea is that the sofa consists of two clearly articulated halves that are joined in a new, unexpected way, so that the load-bearing structure is hidden in the central seating cushion. It was important for us to make something fresh and new, and we did it, not only in terms of form but also through innovative construction.”

jelena lukač kirš, jakov šrajer, maša vukmanović

They think of solutions that lead to creation. They think objects.

The subject of their design is a wide range of products, and the common denominator is meticulous work on the development of each project, with a detailed elaboration of each phase, in all its details. In creating the concept and aesthetics, they always try to make a shift, they test boundaries. Such an approach creates well-thought-out, layered, ultimately memorable objects and spaces. Their design handwriting is decent, subtle and unobtrusive, at the same time clear and recognizable.

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