by regular company

Wooden elements, seat, backrest and armrest as basic elements of the function are the volumes of the whole, surfaces made as variations of rectangular shapes with rounded edges, connected by a metal structure, a network of thin lines that places wooden parts in their proper positions.

In the performance of contrasting colours, the metal load-bearing structure becomes a clearly defined visual sign in space and creates a direct contrast to the wooden elements, underlining the connection of the basic elements with the lines of the structure. New colour combinations allow the user to adapt to the space and make a personal creative contribution.

“The idea was to make a chair that gives the impression of lightness. A thin metal structure connects the wooden elements of the seat, backrest and armrests, visually suggesting that the structure does not hold the wooden elements in the air, but hangs from them, like a rope hung on wooden parts of a chair floating in the air. The composition thus creates an unexpected moment, the impression of inversion of the load-bearing structure and load-bearing elements.”

regular company
ruđer novak-mikulić, tihomir filipec, marinko murgić

Three distinct individuals, with a strong emphasis on multidisciplines, are unique in creating and validating the quality of a common brand under the unique name Regular Company.

They see design in many aspects of life and work, and work successfully in the areas of product design, interior design, branding and digital design. Comprehensive and complex thinking with multidisciplinarity as their model of work. In product development, they try to achieve an ideal situation at all levels, develop communication with all participants in the process, encourage production optimization and try not to leave anything to chance. The result is high quality products available in large batches, exclusive, and affordable.

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