The formation of rounded rectangles forms a series of horizontals, intensifying the perception of the beauty of form by multiplication. They are connected by a visually strong vertical volume, a functional storage space, such as a stand-alone tower that perforates a series of surfaces and at the same time merges into a whole. The shelf surfaces in the desired position are additionally fixed by a slender metal vertical, a linearly thinned mass which, with minimal volume of support, enhances the hovering impression of the functional elements of the composition.

"Inspiration comes from nature and shapes like pebbles that increase the quality of experience over time, the idea is to mobilize emotional stimuli, to achieve a subjective sense of comfort and respect."


Mladen Orešić is a designer of respectable work, mentor and educator. He initiates, designs synergies and creates fine-tuned teams that can achieve significant progress by accumulating creativity and innovation.

He is the author of concepts of extremely wide application and mass, which brings the design thought and the culture of space closer to all user profiles, making a high standard democratically accessible. He insists on utilitarianism, innovation in technology and aesthetics, a high level of refinement of processes and products. He encourages the development of functional solutions that enrich the living space, and thus life.

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