by thinkobjects

In the alternation of full and empty, line and surface, a visually dynamic structure is created. The choice of a circular shape is adapted to applied modern technology, but also corresponds to past and traditional forms.

From the seat, full circular surfaces, bent wood lines branch and form an ergonomic backrest envelope, framing the space with circular shapes by branching to opposite sides and descending to the starting surface, to the seat. A stable but visually unobtrusive pedestal functionally rounds off the whole and leads the view towards the dominant upper part.

The performance in an intense tone emphasizes the visual playfulness of the composition in the silhouette and creates a striking sign in the space.

“From the very beginning, we worked with round shapes, developing a dialogue between flat and circular or round surfaces. And then we came to this solution in which this dialogue of flat and curved continued into a dialogue of circle and circular, or volume and line. It was this contrast of volume and thin line that was the starting point for this series of chairs.“

jelena lukač kirš, jakov šrajer, maša vukmanović

They think of solutions that lead to creation. They think objects.

The subject of their design is a wide range of products, and the common denominator is meticulous work on the development of each project, with a detailed elaboration of each phase, in all its details. In creating the concept and aesthetics, they always try to make a shift, they test boundaries. Such an approach creates well-thought-out, layered, ultimately memorable objects and spaces. Their design handwriting is decent, subtle and unobtrusive, at the same time clear and recognizable.

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