Oval surfaces connected in the shape of a tambour with a construction of wood and non-woven textiles form a membrane that closes the storage space. It is a weaving in which wooden slats and textiles are intertwined, creating a pattern that evokes tradition in a contemporary interpretation. The visual matrix is emphasized by the colouristic contrast of vertical and horizontal elements, fine transitions in the performance of natural colours of the material, or the vibrant dynamics of the change of elements in the performance of intense colour.

“We researched new options for sliding “tambour” doors of the sideboard that would be easy to use and optimal to produce, and at the same time be noble in character. The result is an innovative structure in which there are no hidden components, and visible slats serve as a hand grip, which preserves the uniform graphics of the surface. The construction of the sideboard is minimal and familiar, it does not compete for attention and the door is the main player in the design.“


Innovation and inspiration are integral parts of the design solutions of the design team of Neven and Sanja Kovačić.

They approach design interdisciplinarily, covering a wide range of fields of activity. They focus on inspiring synergies, with origins in different production environments and in the creative potential of collaborators. They are constantly looking for a deeper meaning in creativity. They find particularly stimulating projects that question established norms and, if necessary, build new concepts on established and strong foundations of tradition. They nurture a fascination with the processes and possibilities of creation, continuous learning and the acquisition of new knowledge. They create concepts / products that inspire.

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