by numen / for use

The thin surface of the table with rounded edges consistently follows the performance in soft transitions, without sharp corners. The same principle continues in the mounts: the table top is placed on two opposite arches, yet additionally reinforced with vertical mounts integrated into the arches. The construction of the mounts is a dynamic element in which the arch and the vertical part fork out of the legs, provide stability, creating a visual game by changing the full and the empty.

“The surface of the table is very simple, but beneath it there is a well-thought-out and serious playfulness of form. And we designers have to play if we want to achieve something, because as we play with ideas and possibilities, we expand our vocabulary. Unlike safe paths, such experimentation can lead us to mistakes, but it is a risk that must be accepted in discovering something new.”

numen / for use
sven jonke, christoph katzler, nikola radeljković

They test lucid creativity on avant-garde concepts, searching for new paths and keeping in mind the importance of purposefulness - For Use.

The Croatian-Austrian design team works in the field of conceptual art, scenography, industrial and spatial design. They explore the integrity of the experience of space, believe in the utilitarianism and functionality of design products and are prone to experimentation, hybrid works that contemplate new possibilities of creating space and spatial relationships, they explore the limits of possibilities.

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