by numen / for use

In the performance of a high level of elegance and compactness of the whole, the character of the material is simultaneously emphasized and denied, by bold design: wood as a living organism has its own directions, veins, places of cracking. By shaping by the method of bending to a high degree, while respecting the limits of possibilities, the vitality of the material is retained and used.

With its intense colour the character of the material is hidden, the texture and joints are denied, in favour of the complementary quality of accentuated compactness and the character of the surface design.

“As in music, especially in jazz, with a good basic theme it is possible to add variations, play and to create something new. Wood bending is a basic theme that has its own formal language, as if it contains movement, momentum, in contrast to the flat parts with which it joins, with changes in thickness, with variations that give the basic theme a whole new tone.”

numen / for use
sven jonke, christoph katzler, nikola radeljković

They test lucid creativity on avant-garde concepts, searching for new paths and keeping in mind the importance of purposefulness - For Use.

The Croatian-Austrian design team works in the field of conceptual art, scenography, industrial and spatial design. They explore the integrity of the experience of space, believe in the utilitarianism and functionality of design products and are prone to experimentation, hybrid works that contemplate new possibilities of creating space and spatial relationships, they explore the limits of possibilities.

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