by grupa

A complex and clear network of linear cross-sectional elements evokes classical forms in a new interpretation. The combination of linear and flat shapes brings functional and visual quality in place of changes in functions, backrest and armrests, seats and load-bearing structures. The dominance of round shapes is emphasized by the contrast in detail, the sharp angle of the transition from the horizontal to the vertical, the armrests to the legs. The intertwining of the elements of the function creates a dynamic visuality with the construction lines of the framed space elements.

The performance in an intense tone emphasizes the homogeneity of the whole and, by softening the contrasts, points to the visual quality of the overall aesthetic.

“The idea was to make a comfortable wooden chair with an airy, simplified character with an emphasis on detail. The chair does not deviate from the classic traditional typology of a wooden chair, but its uniqueness lies in simplicity of joints, precise workmanship and fine detail.”


As a productive Group of creative individuals who have been active since their student days they initiate successful creative processes by the exchange of ideas.

The design studio Grupa develops products in the field of lighting and furniture. Their work is characterized by minimalism based on a detailed elaboration of the basic elements, emphasizing the function and aesthetic quality of the basic form, but also of necessary flexibility. They achieve recognition with their unique author's manuscript that they develop and upgrade with their own solutions from project to project. They attach great importance to the processing of materials and craftsmanship, insisting on refinement in every detail. They create minimalism with character.

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