The idea of a visually classical basis of construction has been enriched by subtle shifts. Rounded surfaces are the dominant parts of the structure, enveloping the space of function, discreetly marking the boundaries with soft curved transitions of lenticular cross-section. They suggest a distinct compactness of the whole, unobtrusive but visually clear.

The beauty of the simplicity of the performance in a natural tone reveals restrained strength, and retains it by inversion in more intense tones, emphasizing the fluidity of form as a clear and concise thought.

“We decided on a calm and warm form that can be derived from a well-known construction, and which can be harmoniously transformed into a wider collection through the details of the profile and thinning. The friendly character of the form is further emphasized by the unexpectedly soft feeling of sitting obtained by the accentuated roundness of the backrest. The chair looks familiar, and yet new, unobtrusive in space, but also enriches it. ”


Innovation and inspiration are integral parts of the design solutions of the design team of Neven and Sanja Kovačić.

They approach design interdisciplinarily, covering a wide range of fields of activity. They focus on inspiring synergies, with origins in different production environments and in the creative potential of collaborators. They are constantly looking for a deeper meaning in creativity. They find particularly stimulating projects that question established norms and, if necessary, build new concepts on established and strong foundations of tradition. They nurture a fascination with the processes and possibilities of creation, continuous learning and the acquisition of new knowledge. They create concepts / products that inspire.

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